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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Introducing Cupcake...

Meet the newest member of our family! Emilio Andres arrived on my scheduled Cesarean date of May 13 weighing in at 7lb 5 oz. Labor and delivery was easier the second time around because I already knew that I was having the Cesarean versus going through the anticipation of labor on any given day. Plus, Eric and I were able to schedule childcare for Elena and had my in-laws around to help us out. 

We had a wonderful stay at our hospital and I was already moving around my room 12 hours after surgery. I surprised my nurses and doctors by my quick recovery. It felt a little odd being away from our sweet Elena and I missed her terribly, but it was great to spend the time and focus our sweet baby boy.
Eric is so happy and delighted for his handsome son because he is no longer outnumbered at our house. (Girls rule no matter what though!) He is already planning sports activities and camping trips for both of our kids. 
We have been doing well transitioning into a family of four. It's a little difficult because I'm not allowed to carry anything heavier than Emilio, which means I can't pick up Elena for the next 6 weeks. Thankfully, my wonderful mother has been staying with us and helping us out. I haven't cooked much in the kitchen and will be slowly working my way in the time to come.
I love both of my babies and I think I may have grown another heart to love these two. I look at Elena compared to Emilio and it seems that she has grown up before my eyes. Emilio is the cutest baby, and cries up a storm whenever I'm changing his diapers. I'm so fearful of getting peed on, but we haven't had any accidents so far. He has been sleeping like a champ, and I get up usually twice a night. Breastfeeding the second time around is alot easier as well, and maybe that's because I breastfed Elena up until she was 11 months, too. As far as his looks, I think he resembles Eric more than me. He's longer and narrower in the face like his papi whereas Elena is round like me. He has a lighter complexion and has big eyes like his sister.
Elena loves her little brother and always has the biggest smile on her face whenever she sees him. She loves to give him big wet kisses and loves to pet him. My heart melts when I see the two of them together, and I can't wait for them to play together more when they are older.

I've been taking a little time off so I can enjoy both of my two kids, but I'll be back to regular blogging soon enough!

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