Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Elena's First Birthday: Growing "Up"

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Elena's First Birthday: Growing "Up"

First, I want to thank all of my wonderful foodie friends that participated in cupcake's virtual baby shower yesterday. Please make sure to visit Eva Bakes for all of the scrumptious cupcake posts for my sweet little cupcake. He will be here sometime next week!Wow. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had announced my sweet little "cookie" aka Elena was born. I still remember the day when I went into labor quite vividly because I had literally started my maternity leave that afternoon and had pains and aches all day long that I couldn't shake off.
The moment Elena had entered our lives, our days and nights have been filled with so much love, excitement and pure bliss. Elena has the sweetest and most contagious smile, she's a ball of energy, and has been the biggest and best highlight of our year. She's definitely one of the best things Eric and I have "cooked" up. 
Since Eric and I were team green for Elena's pregnancy, we chose a neutral theme for the nursery. I wanted something playful, fun and a room that our child would love. One of my favorite Pixar movies was "Up" and I know the first ten minutes are the hardest part of the movie, but the overall themes in the movie celebrated so much that I adored. The themes of love, loss, loneliness, fear, excitement, adventure, inspiration and so much hope for life. 
Of course, I wanted to celebrate Elena's first birthday with the "Up" theme because it had meant so much to us. The balloons and the rainbows of color seemed like the perfect way to celebrate Elena's big day. Plus, it would be our little way of saying goodbye to it before we move her into her new room.  Her little brother will be taking over her nursery, but he is getting a fun playful Lego-themed nursery. 
Some of the simple decor elements included: An instagram collage of Elena from the year and a milestone poster to display some of her fave things. 
Since I was fully baked (37 weeks) at the time of Elena's birthday party, I knew that I couldn't handle too much work for her party. I didn't want her little brother to make a guest appearance! Thankfully, I had lots of help - Eric and my mom were the cooks that day and handled the majority of food prep. My girlfriend had came extra early to set up the decorations and my cousin/Elena's godmother, came over the night before to bake up Elena's smash birthday cake and cupcakes. 
We hosted a small family party for about 35 adults and kids, we have a large immediate family! We had a simple Filipino-inspired menu: Chicken adobo cooked on the BBQ, my mom's pansit noodles, steamed rice, mixed salad and lumpia that we had ordered from a Filipino bakery. Plus, for dessert the strawberry cupcakes and Elena's smash cake that we baked the night before. 

One of my sisters has a silhouette and was able to use of Elena's pictures and created a silhouette of Elena and we pasted it on an 8x10 canvas. I used this as guestbook thumbprint artwork for everyone and this will be displayed in her new room. 
The best part of the day was singing Happy Birthday to Elena. I sat next to her and saw her face absolutely light up with glee from all of our family singing to her. I literally choked up a bit and could barely sing along because I was fighting the tears. It was then that it hit me and I realized that my sweet baby was a big girl and officially a toddler!
My sweet Elena you fill my heart with so much love and joy that it literally explodes with happiness for you. You are definitely Papi's little girl and have him wrapped around your itty bitty finger because he melts like butter for you. But you will forever be my sweet baby Elena. We can't wait to see what the next year will bring. We love you Elena!
Vendor Information:
Up Invitations from Etsy: Spare Time Prints
Elena's custom flower headband from Etsy: Jameson Monroe
Birthday Onesie from Etsy: The Peachy Owl
Instagram Collage Prints from Persnickety Prints
Rainbow Tutu & Highchair Tutu: Made by me
Milestone Poster: Made by me using PSE
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