Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Introducing Cookie & Cookie's Up Themed Nursery

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Introducing Cookie & Cookie's Up Themed Nursery

Sorry that I have been away, but Eric and I are proud to announce that we have a beautiful baby GIRL!!!
Elena Antonia was born on April 27 at 9:08am, weighing at 6 pounds and 6 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long. She took us by surprise and graced us with her presence 2 weeks early before her due date.
Funny thing, I had just started my maternity leave that day and later on the same night - I went into labor! I guess she really wanted me to start my maternity leave right! We are quickly adjusting to our new roles as mommy and daddy and so happy to have her part of our lives.
Eric and I both agree that she is the best thing to happen to us. She makes us a family.
Finally here is Elena's almost-finished "Up" themed nursery. I am in love with how everything turned out. I found cloud decals from Amazon and circle ones that we found on clearance from Target to recreate the Up style. Decals can easily transform a room without having to change the paint. We had a neutral paint color for the room and didn't want a pink or blue nursery.  We already had a rocking chair and updated it by replacing the chair pad. My bedding is Skip Hop from Babies R'Us.
At my baby shower, Eric and I created canvas art using the Up house. It was guestbook thumbprint art, and everyone who has visited us, or has been to the baby shower has touched this painting. I also painted my very own Paradise Falls. Plus, Pinterest inspired me to do some easy crafting with crayons. It's adds a nice splash of color to the room.
We have a simple changing table that we bought from a friend with some canvas storage bins. I love monkeys so I had to incorporate a little bit of that into the room as well. Plus, we have a matching dresser to our beautiful crib. There are a couple Up pictures that I printed from the movie and put them in some simple frames. We plan on adding some of our Up themed maternity pictures to the room as well. Also, we are planning on adding Alphabet wall decals to spell out Elena's name on the wall above the window.
I'm hoping to recoup as fast I can and get back into blogging and cooking, but this little sweet cookie of mine makes me love my new job as her mommy so much.
Elena brings me so much joy and I have so much motherly love to give to her. There have been "why me" moments like during her nightly clusterfeedings where I'm so tired and want to sleep. Or maybe when she's crying for her poopy diaper to be changed, and the moment I turn around - she's peeing on me as well. You gotta laugh and enjoy it all. She depends on her mommy and daddy to give her everything that she ever could need, and we will do anything to give it to her. I absolutely love being her mommy. This is the best job that I could ever have.
P.S. All of these pictures were taken with our Iphones, and most of them edited using Instagram. Easy photo-editing for this mommy saves me time!
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