Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: DIY Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Christmas Tree

These past couple of days have been non-stop nesting madness for my husband and myself. I have been super busy: baking some Christmas goodies, cleaning and de-cluttering all the closets/drawers and I even painted something for a last minute project. I love this spurt of energy and nesting phase that the 2nd trimester has brought on! Eric finally found the office desk that he had been wanting and on a whim - we bought it.
We have lived in our house for three years, and for the most part - two out of the three bedrooms have been untouched. Owning a home means there are always home projects that will occur and they might not happen all at once. Everything is finally coming together, and I love how our home is shaping out. We have renovated the kitchen (a couple times), opened up the sunroom, added a garden (we're planning on adding raised garden planters next season), organized Eric's man-cave garage and we finally finished furnishing our master bedroom. Cookie's bedroom has been empty for the past couple of years and I can't wait to start decorating that sweet little nursery!

I didn't even tackle the entire list of goodies that I wanted to bake for Christmas but I was reminded that the holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing...and not stressful. So my little creative mind wanted something to work on that didn't require working in the kitchen (it was a little break from the baking madness). I had a couple of ornaments that I didn't put on my Christmas tree, and wanted something on my foyer table to display them. I had seen various ideas on Pinterest on how to use your leftover ornaments. I loved the idea of a Christmas Ornament display case and searched the stores for something simple and cute but nothing like that existed for my limited budget.

I have been making most of my Christmas goodies so making Christmas decorations seemed like the logical step. I'm lucky enough that I work with coworkers that use a buzz saw on a daily basis (my husband has one at home as well), but there were lots of scrap wood at my work to use.

I wanted something simple and small that looked like a tree that would fit on my my foyer table, similar to this tree stand but not as gigantic. We figured to cut the corners to make it very tree-like, and my coworker easily put it all together for me. I picked up some inexpensive Martha Stewart paint at Home Depot (only 50 cents) and added a couple coats.
I used some small bungee cords to hang around the tops and small clothespins to hang the ornaments. This project cost me 50 cents, but can easily cost you a couple bucks if you need to buy the wood and miscellaneous items. It's very Charlie Brown-esque and absolutely perfect for my foyer table. I loved the quirkiness of this homemade tree because I can highlight these special ornaments. This might be perfect project to have for your little ones to work on, and might be something that cookie will enjoy, too.
Make sure to take the time and enjoy the holiday season and indulge in something for yourself. Three more days until Christmas and I'm almost ready for the big day. Pin It
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