Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Tinto de Verano

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tinto de Verano

One of my favorite drinks of choice is wine. Not that I'm a wine snob or anything, but I'll tell you that I absolutely love Napa Valley and everything about wine. Eric and I take at least one trip a year to visit our fave Napa wineries and get a nice stash of wine for the year. There is something about wine that is savory and sensual and it brings a greater depth of whatever meal you are enjoying. It's quite the indulgent drink and completes any meal - it can intensify a Filet Au Poivre or sooth that little bit of chocolate with Port. I love how wine can take on so many flavors.

However, during the summer months when all you want to do is cool down and have something cold to drink, a Tinto de Verano can do the trick. I know some of you might argue about drinking wine in the summer, but this is one drink I highly enjoy during these hot summer days. Tinto de Verano simply translates to "Summer Wine" and a very popular drink from Spain. It's similar to sangria but without all the fruit and a little bit less alcohol. It's really easy to make and a very inexpensive way to turn a cheap bottle of wine to something very refreshing with a little bit of soda. Try it out for yourself and sip away.
Tinto de Verano
Original Krystal Recipe
1 bottle of your fave cheap red wine ($2 buck chuck from TJs or Red Table Wine)
1 liter of Squirt


In your glass of choice, fill it with ice. Add equal parts of red wine and squirt. Mix with a straw and drink!

If you like less wine or less squirt - then make it to your liking. Refill your glass as needed. ;-)
Review:  Definitely a taste of summer, and a very thrifty drink. I'll be drinking Tinto de Verano into the end of summer. Salud!

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