Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Adventures at Portillos

Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventures at Portillos

So I've been dreaming about this chocolate cake shake ever since Elisa and Kara have been talking about it. I was planning a trip out to Chicago to check this place out and meet Kara as well!! However, to my surprise - there are 2 California locations, Buena Park & Moreno Valley. Luckily, the Buena Park location is only 15 minutes away from our house. I was absolutely tickled pink, I couldn't wait to get my hands on that shake! Eric and I headed out to Portillos this past Friday. We're big fans of the famous Pinks Hollywood hot dogs and knew we had to check this place out! Here's my adventure at Portillos:I've seen this place before but I never paid much attention to it...and now it holds a warm place in my tummy! Nice bright lights welcome you outside.

We were waiting in line to place our order and there are cute signs everywhere...AND a reminder of what you should order. Portillo Chocolate Cake, my mouth started the drooling.

My cute husband waiting patiently for our order to be called. *Eric ordered a chili cheese hot dog.*The line cooks are pretty fast putting up the orders, we probably waited less than 10 minutes for our order.
My order, the Italian meat with sweet was a big sandwich, it was really warm and tasty!
Eric & I shared the cheese fries...nom nom nom.

HELLOOOOOOOOOOO, chocolate. I'm having a love affair with Portillos tonight!

I'm trying really hard to not get a brain freeze, it's really hard to suck the cake out of the straw! was delicious, the little pieces of cake and chocolate is heaven in your mouth! ::drooling::
Unforunately, this is the best I could do...that's how much I drank. Sorry Kara, I didn't mean to waste it, but it was enough for my tummy.

The verdict...Portillos is a great hot dog place, but my vote for best hot dog place, Pinks is still number one! The chocolate cake shake is the best thing here. Don't worry Kara, I'll still plan a trip out to see you, but you'll also have to experience Pinks Hot Dogs, too!
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