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Monday, January 12, 2009

2008: Year in Review

HELLO EVERYONE! My wonderful friend, Elisa, had done this "concept" post, and I thought it was a perfect way for me to get inspired to blog again! I've been horrible blogger, I've been away on my Floridian vacation, not cooking much, or have been cooking too much that I'm way behind in posting soooo many recipes, and I have not been in the mood to blog for the life of me. I will try and be a better and more pro-active blogger for 2009.

Ok, back to this "concept" post. The idea is to use photos as a quick summary of the year! I have sooo many great pics to choose from, so ideally here's the best of 2008!

January 2008: Our friend, Erik, gets hitched in a beautiful house wedding. We meet up with lots of old friends from college and party till the crack of dawn. Eric's company had annual meeting in San Franciso with the rest of the California offices, and I went up with him. I spent the day with a co-worker's spouse, shopping & hanging out in Union District while our husbands were in their boring meeting. The next day, we drove up to Napa Valley and went on the Platypus wine tour. It was sooo much fun visiting the wineries, that we ended taking home a case of wine! **We're already planning another trip up here next month.**

February 2008:My birthday month & my bridal shower! My sisters and cousin all got together to throw me a wonderful party. Lots of good food, desserts galore, and lots of fun games which I didn't have to help make or plan. It was a nice surprise, and it was a great way for all the ladies of my family, and friends to meet and greet! It was truly a fun day!

March 2008: My bachelorette weekend and dinner at Mesa Grill, Eric's bachelor party, and Eric's birthday party, teaching our photographers, Damion & Julie, how to salsa at La Granada, and everything else to finalize the details of our wedding. March was great, but if I had to pick's going to be from Vegas.

April 2008: Opening game for the Angels lots of fun, going to the dentist for my final phase of whitening. Our wedding on April 12 at the Coco Palm was the most perfect day I can remember. It's also one of the happiest days I have ever had, and I think this picture sums it up. We also honeymooned in Costa Rica for 2 weeks, and that was great. I loved everything from the volcanos, boat rides, turtles, howler monkeys & beautiful sunsets...and the coolest canopy zip-line tour ever!! We also began our search for a home, and got the pre-approval and loan amount finalized. We're dying to become homeowners!

May 2008: Surving the aftermath of the wedding of being a newlywed, changing my last name, withdrawals from the wedding planning, going to more Angel baseball games since we were season ticket holders, Sex and the City Movie Night, babysitting Eric's little cousins for a weekend, re-visiting Coco Palm for Monica's birthday, and the beginning of our house-hunt, bring on the open houses.

June 2008: Eric's cousin got married, I think it's our 5th wedding of the year that we attend. My great friend, Yvette, comes down from San Francisco for her birthday weekend, more baseball games, and more open houses. Its hard to fall in love with houses because some homeowners don't treat their homes right, some were dirty, some were clean, and some were just really ghetto!

July 2008: We continue to house hunt, find a great house but its way out of our budget, my mom's birthday, my little sister completes her certification for a Medical Office specialist, we find another great house and put an offer in, and I finally get to meet an April knottie, Jessibeth!

August 2008: WE GOT THE HOUSE, the start of loan paperwork, the house inspection, Armando throws the first ball at the Angels game, our last taco/poker party at the apartment for Adrian's birthday, and the Angels swept the Yankees!
September 2008: We close escrow on our house, we continue to renovate and paint, and clean our house, buy a new fridge, and I pack furiously everything away in our apartment, we move the last weekend of September, and everyone we know helps us! My mom and sister come over to help un-pack, the twins get their halloween costumes, and we finally sleep in peace in our new home.

October 2008: We get used to the new home, my 2 minute work commute is a gas-saver, Eric starts with no-shave October, and we finally get the new fridge, lots of un-packing, touch up paint, cleaning, re-painting the doors, we buy living room furniture that takes forever to be in stock and our last Angels game of the season. Boo Red Sox!
November 2008: We start re-surfacing the kitchen cabinets, we get new living room furniture, have a couple parties, the 3rd annual turkey potluck with our friends, and a wine tasting party for the family, my favorite holiday and we take a break from any house renovating!

December 2008: Eric's holiday party at the racetracks, meet another knottie, Elisa. My sister turns 20, I cook her a great chicken dinner, my company holiday party, we leave to Florida to visit the in-laws, and we spend lots of family time, eating lots of Cuban food, playing telefunque, and dancing the night away on New Year's Eve. It was nice having the warm weather in Florida versus the cold miserable weather in California!
What a great 2008, there are lots to look forward to 2009!

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