Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Kitchen 1.0 & House

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitchen 1.0 & House

Here are some recent pics of the's still a working draft. But we have accomplished many DIY projects, that our house is starting to feel like "our home." I love my red accents in the kitchen, it helps accent against the black tile countertops. We aren't finished in the kitchen yet. We are resurfacing the kitchen cabinents this weekend. We are taking out all the white cabinentry and putting in new maple cabinentry . No more black and white kitchen, we're taking it back to the wood!!! Let me know what you think about it!

We got the butcher block kitchen island from Ikea, I love it because it's got these shocks for the drawers. If you tried to slam them in, you couldn't because it closes it's the coolest thing ever!! My KA mixer is my best friend, I couldn't hide her!

No more bright yellow paint, we went with a brown taupe, it sets a nice warm tone to the kitchen. We added
the kitchen island, and I found the bar stools on craigslist. I'm using a photo stand for my "Top Chef"
cookbook, I love it!! I really feel like a chef in this kitchen, cooking is my passion!

Eric took out the ugly fluroscent lights and put in recessed lighting, it makes a big difference in the kitchen!

Here's our foyer, I love this wine artwork that I found at Linens-n-Things during the start of their liquidation sales. I found the foyer table on craigslist.

Here's our fireplace, the white paint didn't accent the living room like we wanted. We found this great granite texture paint, and added some sparkly crystals to the paint, it sparkles and it looks like bricks! I love our fireplace!

Here's our living room set up so's pretty bare but enough room to play Wii! When I can, I play Wii Fit in the living room, and set up my yoga mat! hehe, we have new living room furniture coming to us by the end of the month. We got espresso brown leather recliner sofa & loveseat. I can't wait to have it in our living room!! This futon will be set up in the office.

Our master bedroom...our bed looks so small in here. Eric will build a gigantic leather-ish headboard to compliment our bed & furniture...I can't wait to see how that DIY project turns out!! The faux wood blinds compliment the paint as well, I really wanted curtains...but the wood blinds will suffice for now.
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