Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Kitchen Renovation 1.0

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kitchen Renovation 1.0

Just when I thought the house updates were over...we went ahead with the project of re-surfacing the kitchen cabinets. Friday afternoon we started on our task of by removing the old kitchen cabinets, and of course Eric and I are fixing the mistakes in the kitchen. At first, I only thought we had to take off the cabinet doors and not unpack everything that was put away...think again. I had to move everything in the kitchen BACK into boxes, put away all my precious wine glasses, take off the shelving paper that my mom, sister and cousin helped put up. I scraped off the gunk, and primed the insides of all the shelves. Painting inside little cabinets is not an easy task, and I had paint marks everywhere on my clothes!

Here's the work so far, my kitchen is out of service until Wednesday.

Eric worked on the tacking of the wood venier. We're keeping the original wood but covering it up with the wood veniers. I feel like we're cheating...but this project is half the cost if we were to demolish the entire kitchen and get a new one. Even though this project seems a little lengthy and time-consuming, I think it will be well worth it! After I was finished with priming the cabinets, I began staining the new maple cabinets. We chose the perfect stain, cayenne pepper! It is the perfect blend of red and dark wood color that we wanted. I'll have to take a picture later to show the color, the redness of the stain will bring such a warmth to the kitchen. I'm sooooo excited about it! The glass backsplash that I've already picked out will work out perfectly, I'm jumping up and down in excitement about it!

The wood venier looks as if we had put new cabinets in...I can't wait to see the wood stain on our new cabinetry!
Adrian came over and helped out tremendously. Adrian's dad had given us his old drill press machine, and it was a gift from heaven. It helped drill the perfect holes for our hinges. The guys finished in less than 2 hours for 24 drawers! Look at the boys in our make-shift workshop!

Here's a sample of our maple cabinets, this is a classic style that I love!Let's hope this project goes smoothly! I'll post the after pics once we're done!
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