Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: Kitchen Renovation 2.0 Part 1

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kitchen Renovation 2.0 Part 1

I'm spicy!

That's how I feel about my cabinets. Eric chose a very unique color, Cayenne Pepper. He picked up a sample at Ganahl Lumber, he got Zar Ultra Max Wood Stain. My first thought, it's too red, and I'm scared we picked the wrong color. But after we painted a sample piece of venier wood and on the back of the doors. The color looked beautiful, but I was still uncertain of the color because it didn't look like a wood stain. It really looked like paint on our beautiful maple cabinet doors.

The paint takes 2 hours to dry, and I painted the 1st coat on Monday and a 2nd touch-up coat on Tuesday. The cabinet doors looked better...but I still wasn't impressed. Until last night, when I put the semi-gloss paint on the doors. I fell in love with the color choice times 1000!! The semi-gloss made a big impression, and it looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait till we put these babies up, and finalize our hardware selections on door handles & knobs. I want satin nickel for the hardware. Let me know what you think of the color!

Before pic: 2 coats of wood stain
After: 1 coat of semi-gloss...we still need to add one more coat! It's beautiful!

Side by side comparsion, you can tell the big difference. DIY makes you appreciate everything 1000 times more.
Now....the race begins to finish this project by Friday night. We're hosting a party on Sat night!!!!!!!!! LOL, we're crazy yes, I know. I feel like we're on Extreme Makeover...without Ty screaming at me!
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