Mrs. Regueiro's Plate: We MOVED!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We MOVED!!!!!!!

I just wanted to share my moving day pics and special thank you's. I loved living in our Yorba Linda 1bedroom apartment, but I swear since we got married in April, the place seemed smaller and smaller...we accumulated lots of wedding stuff, and house stuff thru the years, and I was suffocating with the poor air conditioning! But it was time to leave our little nest, and move on up to our wonderful home in Anaheim!!!!! OMG, and Eric rented the biggest U-Haul truck ever, 26 feet?? Seriously, that's big as a bus!!! Do you see him??

We had lots of help on the big day. I know its because we have great friends and family that will be there for us whenever we need something small or big. We seriously couldn't have done this without their love and wonderful support.

Adrian, our BM, BF, my 2nd husband, and number one guy I can count on...was there for the painting, the cleaning, the ugly part of painting, the sanding of the doors, and more doors...and more doors, and the moving!!!!! Monica, his girlfriend (also my wonderful girlfriend who understands how stupid boys can be) was also there for the painting, the cleaning, the ugly, the shelving of my closets, my super-detailed paint trimmer, and everything else...she was phenomenal!!

Alex, another BM, PAL from ancient times, primed and painted all my 7 doors...oops I mean 6 doors. It's okay if you forgot one side, we understand. Alex was a big help on move-in day as well.

Miss Liz, my wonderful BM/girlfriend helped paint my bathroom doors, yes she counted all of them, and painted them!! I didn't do magic tricks to make them all appear for her. haha, I'm just messing with you Liz!!!!

Liz & sweetie b-f, Mikey helped with move-in day as well. Mikey is a great packer, he helped organize everything in the gnormous U-Haul!! It was like playing Tetris!! Seriously, how many guys does it take to move a fridge though?? Just a couple of men!!!! We have to thank Mikey again for providing us with all the boxes and tape, it helped us greatly!!!
My wonderful aunt & uncle, and cousins aka the Regueiros!! Also came and helped out! Vero, picked up all of our wedding gifts up in our shared storage...her poor mustang was filled with our junk!! Geesh, where did she fit?? Elito did a great job protecting the Cuban cigars...he wanted them all to himself!! Maybe we'll smoke them when you come back to the housewarming.

Armando, the infamous man who met the Pope, was live in person to help!!!! We scheduled him a month in advance of course though!! He helped paint trim early in the week, but when you need him, he's there for you!!! He was actually the first person to arrive, he woke up Eric while I was out getting donuts for everyone! Armando was also driving with my monkey on the outside of his car!! DORRRRRRRRKKS!!!!!!!! Thanks Vero for saving my monkey!

Eric said we would fill the truck, and we did!!! What the heck is Liz doing with my husband though?? I don't think that bikini top will fit him!

OMG...what a day. Of course, it had to be the hottest day ever...just 100 degrees or so. But it was a fun moving day, Thanks again everyone!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! (Vero our camera woman is missing from this picture).

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